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Pedro Ramírez Ríos

Academic Scholarship

"Thank God I am being given a very important opportunity in my life. So much work and days of sacrifice are just beginning to pay off. I have to thank my parents enormously, they are the ones who have been with me at all times; The day I wanted to start at that stage with baseball at the age of 13, until today the first step is being taken, thanks to them I am getting this great opportunity. I also have a lot to thank my coach Jose Silva "La Niña" who from the very first The moment he began to train me, he was with me, he spoke to me clearly how things were going to be, he taught me everything I know, he gave me the tools to develop the skills I have today; I still remember when it all started with him. : "I'm going to disarm you and I'll put you back together." And so it was. Thanks to @cjbecas who did their job and got me an opportunity in the United States. Thanks to everyone who was part of this progress ", @ pdjrr14

Gregory Berroa

Sports Scholarship

“First of all I want to thank God and my parents for supporting me in everything. When I felt that I couldn't take it anymore, they were my reason for overcoming in order to achieve my dream. I want to thank Jesús Alvarez and his team @cjbecas Likewise, I want to tell all of you that THERE IS NO AGE TO MEET THE GOALS. Don't give up, when you want something, don't let it go! Because life is only one and they must fight for what they want most in it.

Pablo García​

Academic Scholarship

"First of all I want to thank God and my family for always supporting me to move forward and I want to thank @cjbecas for giving me this opportunity. The experience has been excellent! Never give up, keep fighting for your dreams", @ pablo_bonnelly

Niccole Velázquez

Academic Scholarship

Two months ago I started this whole process in search of study abroad opportunities and today I can say WE MADE IT !! Thanks mainly to God, my family and the wonderful team of @cjbecas who advised and guided me from day one, undoubtedly without their support this would not be possible. The truth was, everything was so fast that I still don't believe it ... I want to make a special mention and all my thanks to Sabrina, my scholarship advisor who has been very professional but also kind and close ", @niccolevr

Albert Sandoval

High School Scholarship

"Thank God for everything, so much to my coaches who were always there and to #CJBecas for opening the doors for me. In truth, this is not easy: the sacrifices in time and economically were enough but GOD was always there and will continue to fight for us ", @ Albertsandoval_27

Eriberto Rosario

High School Scholarship

"I thank @cjbecas for giving me the opportunity to get a sports scholarship. I love baseball and thanks to them I am achieving my dream", @e__rosario

Larry Rodriguez

Academic Scholarship

"Thank God first of all for giving me life and health to continue setting my goals in what I love the most, to the CJ family scholarships for supporting me and believing in me and to my family for always fighting with me dedicating themselves too, helping me to follow my dreams. Thank you for your support! We continue with God ", @ larry_2294

José Almazan

Sports Scholarship

"First of all, thank God for being present on this path and giving me the strength not to stop the pursuit of my goals. Second, to my family for their unconditional support and helping me overcome obstacles. I want to thank Jesús Álvarez and his team from @cjbecas for trusting in my talent, taking the necessary steps to make this process the right one for me and for helping me get this opportunity that opens the doors to my academic and sports future ", @ Almazanj7

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