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Put your sports skills to test

It is a test that they do to measure your sports skills in any discipline..

If you consider yourself a good athlete, ble to demonstrate skills that lead you to get a college sports scholarship:

How to get a Scholarship?

Step #1

Attend our events and film your professional video with us, which will be uploaded to Youtube where hundreds of coaches will be watching you for the possibility to offer you a scolarship.

Step #2

The day of the event we´ll give you a register form you should complete with your personal data.

Then you should to pay 100 dollars (you video) to be able to get a number.

Step #3

Your video will be ready between 1 and 30 days after the event, otherwise we will give you your money back in its entirety and we will post your video.

Once your video has been posted on our youtube channels, we will be giving it exposure and at the same time, our scolarships department will be introducing your profile to the universities.

Step #4

Once you get your scholarship offer, you need to sign a contract with us, once we give you the details of your scholarship, if you wish to accept it, you make the payment for our fees and sign the document with the university.

Step #5

Once your scholarship is approved, you register with the university, send your passport and the rest of the requirements the university asks for. Once you finish this process, the university will send you the I-20 document with an acceptance letter so you can go to the embassy to get your visa.

Step #6

Travel to the United States and start living your dream.

Make your best shot, tryout your luck with us now.

Are you ready?

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