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Types of Scholarships

Academic Scholarship

We deposit our efforts into your future because we believe in your talent, discipline and constancy.

It’s the ideal option for those students with excellent grades and english proficiency.

Sports Scholarship

This scholarship is directed towards a high performance athlete, with potential to represent the team of the school and it’s capable of overcome the academic challenges inherent to the degree he decides to follow.

High School Scholarship

This is the scholarship we offer to the student that has not yet finished high school and wants to do it in the United States. However, if they have already graduated, they can take an extra year of high school that will help them to expand their knowledge and get ready for university.

English Course

This is our recommendation to the student that wants to speak, listen, write and read the language with proficiency. The student can choose between different institutes on different states of the country that offer English as Second Language (ESL). Taking this option can be the stepping stone to their professional studies because some universities requires TOEFL certification in order to get a scholarship.


In both cases it is very important that you have command of the English language. To test it, it is important that you take the TOEFL and pass it successfully. This test is the most accepted and recognized by institutions around the world. So much so that it becomes an indispensable requirement to enter university. Think that if you approve it, you will multiply your scholarship options and you will be able to choose the one that best suits your needs.

Feel yourself worthy of forging a future full of success with the financial help you deserve. Accept our service (College Placement Service, CPS) and take that first step on the road to becoming a professional.

English courses

We present you with various offers of English courses in USA so you can write, read, speak and listen fluently. You select the program that best suits your requirements and abilities.

¿Por qué elegir Estados Unidos como destino para estudiar?

Cultural Exchange

You will interact daily with native people and people from other nationalities that converge in the United States. You will be able to experience other cultures and share your customs with others.

Learning a new language

Esto te permitirá un mayor desarrollo cognitivo y te abrirá puertas en todo el mundo pues el Inglés es una lengua universal que al dominar aumentará  tus oportunidades en el ámbito estudiantil o laboral.

This will allow you to have a better development and will open you doors all around the world because English is a universal language that will expand your career opportunities.

The experience of getting your professional formation in a developed country.

The development and technology will help your learning experience and allow you to study in an optimal way, with all the resources you need to be prepared in a modern world.

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