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In the organization we are willing to provide you with all the advice you need, any questions, please let us know via email to give you an answer as soon as possible. With a view to answering these concerns as soon as possible, we leave you a series of frequently asked questions that may help you:

Our service is called the "College Placement Service" CPS and consists of placing the young people in American academic institutions that offer them financial assistance, We are the intermediaries between the university and the student to guarantee their entrance to the same one with a scholarship.

We do not work with a specific university but with all those that offer scholarship study opportunities, which represent a large majority.

Determining the percentage that the scholarship covers does not depend on us. There are several factors: If it is a sports scholarship, it influences the sport that the student plays, the performance of the athlete, the availability of the university according to its budget and the league as such.

If it is an academic scholarship, the coverage depends on the qualifications of the student although we must make the reservation that usually these scholarships are not 100%.

Keep in mind that with a partial scholarship, costing a year in college can range from $ 10,000 - $ 50,000.

Yes, all the management that we carry out is backed by the signing of a legal contract that shows the commitment that as an organization we acquire with you as a student. There we explain what we take care of and we need the rules to which both parties will be subject.

No, no college pays for this expense.

It depends on the university in which you are assigned. Many institutions have their dormitories and cafeterias but others do not. Some give you the books and in others you must pay your expenses.

More than a minimum age, the requirement is for you to be a baccalaureate or to be close to graduation before the following month of August (the month in which classes start).

In the case of sports scholarships, the maximum age is approximately 22 or 23 years, for academic scholarships there is no age limit.

Prepare to pass the TOEFL.

It is an English exam that if you approve, it becomes your pass to the place where you want to study. It is a highly recognized and respected test by universities to measure the level of English of students who have another native language. For more information click on the following link: TOELF

No, you must file a student visa. The organization will guide you in the steps to follow to obtain it.

To obtain an academic scholarship you must have grades at an equivalent of 80% onwards; Pass the TOEFL and take the ACT test, a test that measures your knowledge in the areas of English, mathematics, critical reading and science.

The requirements are the original bachelor's degree and translated into English, the original notes and translated by a public interpreter or legal translator, and the passport with more than 6 months of validity.

We check the youth through tryouts or videos made by us. We evaluate them on a scale of 1 to 10 who obtains a score higher than 8 becomes a prospect. If you want to be checked please send us your phone number, country and city where you are, and full name to [email protected]

We do tryout in several countries around the world, so be informed of the dates you should stay alert to the publications we make through Social Networks (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter). Also, you can communicate with us through the email [email protected]

No, We are limited to universities that have open their offers for talented students, and it is not up to us to determine which one will interest you. However, we maintain very good relations with two universities, one in New York and one in Miami, to which We could send you safely.

The percentages are variable and depend on several factors, so the coverage can be from 40% to 100%. Note that we do not guarantee the percentage.

Our contract establishes a term of 2 years but 99% of the athletes have obtained their scholarships in the course of 3 to 4 months.

We accept different sports disciplines but keep in mind that the less common the sport you practice, the better level of English and academic performance you must have. That said, we present the list:


  • Baseball
  • Softball
  • Football (male and female)
  • Tennis (male and female)
  • Basketball (male and female)
  • Swimming (male and female)
  • Rugby
  • Athletics
  • Hockey (male and female)
  • Volleyball (male and female)
  • Wrestling
  • Golf (male and female)
  • Lacrosse (male and female)
  • Bowling (male and female)
  • Rhythmic gymnastics
  • Cheerleader

Other talents that increase your chances of obtaining a scholarship: Music, Art, Photography.

Yes, you can apply for a scholarship as an academic. You have the opportunity to start a new university career or if you prefer, to make equivalences.

Yes, I get

A college can refer to an academic institution, such as a university, which only teaches two-year degree programs, while the university as such offers a four-year-old and is usually more prestigious or renowned.

From CJ Scholarships, to lower your costs, we suggest you attend two years at a college and then go two more years to a university to complete your training.

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